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Use our online coupons and discount promotion codes to save at Save on items like guitars, keyboards, drums and other musical intruments, as well as DJ gear, lighting, books and videos. Check out this page for all available Gear Tree coupons, promo codes, promotional code offers and discount specials.


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Shop online for guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and other musical instruments. Also shop for DJ gear, lighting equipment, books and videos. Popular brands include Boss, Crown, Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Pearl, Peavey and Roland. Other hit brands you can shop for at this musicians treasure trove of an online store are JBL, Korg, Martin, Mackie, Orange, Tama, Taylor and Yamaha.

When you are into guitars (electric or acoustic) or basses, you'll want to check out brands like Fender, Squier, Ibanez, Gretsch, Schecter, Peavey and B.C. Rich. For pedals and effects you can browse products from Digitech, Dunlop, Zoom, Boss, Crybaby, Heil and Rocktron. Buy leading amplifiers from Line 6, Orange, Roland, Marshall and Tech 21.

There is also a wide range of recording equipment to browse through. For example, there are multitrack recorders from Zoom, Korg, Tascam and Fostex and recording interfaces from M-Audio, Digidesign and Presonus. Rode, ADK, Shure and Samson are among the leading choices of microphones, while Sony, Cakewalk, Propellerhead and Abelton are tops for recording software for computers.

If you do live performances, see mixers from Mackie, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, and Behringer or power amps from Crown, QSC, Crest and Alesis. Check out the complete PA system packages, PA speakers, microphones, signal processors, cables, stands and accessories. For mixers you can choose between analog, digital and powered mixing equipment.

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