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Deciding Which Musical Instrument to Play

Deciding which instrument to play can be difficult, especially since there are so many different choices available. You can pick from a variety of bronze, woodwind, stringed, and percussion instruments depending on your strengths and what your interests are. What you will be using it for will also help determine what musical instruments work best for you.

If you are considering being in a school band, playing an instrument for recreational purposes, or you want to start your own band, you will have different options for the type of instrument you can play. If you want to join your school's band, the electric guitar may not be an option, and if you want to be in local band, there may not be much demand for a flute player, but whatever you want to do with your musical instrument, you should pick an instrument you are interested in and that plays to your natural abilities.

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For instance, if you feel that your fingers are not the most nimble, you may want to avoid woodwind instruments, as they require a lot from your fingers. If you have a large lung capacity, you might try a brass instrument like the trombone or tuba. The brass instruments typically have fewer keys and use different airflow to produce certain notes. The piano, although it is technically a string instrument, is placed in its own category because the sound is produced by tiny hammers striking the strings instead of manipulating the strings with your fingers or a bow, like the violin. The piano is very popular, but can be very complex and expensive to purchase. The percussion instruments, like the drums, can be a lot of fun, but may not be for you if you don't have the best sense of rhythm.

Likewise, if you want to start your own garage band, most of the instruments mentioned above may not be the most popular. The most common instruments for this type of music are the guitar, bass guitar, and drums, although many groups do use keyboards, as well as certain brass instruments on occasion. If you want to completely avoid learning musical notes and can play by ear, you may consider a guitar. The guitar can be played by ear and guitar song books are typically written in tab instead of standard musical notes. This allows you to play without learning the language of written music. Playing the drums can also allow you to avoid learning written music. However, the keyboard, like the piano, will probably require you to learn and use written music at some point.

No matter what type of instrument you choose, you should make sure that it plays to your strengths and that it is something you will potentially enjoy playing for a long time. Playing an instrument can be very rewarding and you should pick an instrument that will be rewarding instead of frustrating.

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