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Choosing the Perfect Musical Instrument

Music ChoicesMusic is an important part of our culture. It can be used to express who we are and can determine a person's mood with only a few notes. The majority of Americans have been inspired to learn a musical instrument at some time in their lives. Choosing a musical instrument can seem like a daunting task, and it does take some preparation and consideration. There are a few basic things to consider when choosing an instrument.

A visit to the local music store is definitely in order. Exposure to many genres of music will better equip you for deciding on a favorite type. If you've never listened to a jazz or classical selection, you may be surprised to find a passionate love of music that you never knew existed. Don't decide on a favorite without finding out what choices are available. Deciding on a favorite music genre greatly helps in selecting an instrument. If classical music tops your list, you may not want to choose the electric guitar as they are rarely, if ever, used in classical types of music.

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Becoming familiar with the many different types of instruments is necessary for several reasons. Factors to be considered are the timbre of an instrument, the size and weight, the physical requirements of playing a particular instrument and if you feel a natural attraction to a certain type. Visiting a shop that sells used instruments may be the best choice as used dealers will be more lenient in the handling of the instruments and may even encourage you to go ahead and give it a try. You may find that your arms or fingers are not quite long enough to play the flute or you are too short to reach the cello or that a tuba really does weigh a ton.

Musical instruments are divided into some basic categories based on how they produce music. Woodwinds are played by blowing through the instrument and some common examples are the clarinet, flute, saxophone and bagpipes.

The strings produce sound by picking or drawing a bow across several strings. Common examples are the ever popular guitar, violin, banjo, harp, viola, and cello. These instruments can be more difficult to play well, as the design of stringed instruments provides many variables that must be controlled to play in tune.

Musician with ViolinBrass instruments are unique in the way they make music. The vibration of the musician's lips is responsible for the sound emitted. Brass instruments like the tuba, trombone, trumpet, French horn, and coronet are found in a wide variety of bands.

Percussion instruments may be one of the oldest musical instruments in history and are still popular today. Percussion instruments are a musical staple and are found in nearly every genre of music. This category uses a striking of the instrument to make sounds. The percussion section is comprised of instruments like the cymbals, bells, xylophone and triangle and of course, the drums.

Pianos, electric keyboards and organs get their own niche in music world. Music is played on these instruments by pressing keys and pedals.

Choosing a musical instrument to learn can be the beginning of a great adventure as you are exposed to different cultures and sounds in your journey to find the perfect creative outlet for your musical genius.

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